• 1 How do I track my order status?

    You can track your order online 24 hours / 7 days by following these steps:

    Go to www.Tamilnadushopping/order-tracking

    Enter your order number and email address

    Press "Check now" to process

    Or you can just click on Order Tracking on top of Tamilnadushopping page, enter your order number and email address, then press "Track" to check your order status.

    2 I can't track my order on courier tracking page. How do I track my order?

    Tracking information may not yet be available for your package; it will be available within the next 24 hours when our logistic partners have updated their records.

    Yet you can check your order status with our Order Tracking tool www.Tamilnadushopping/order-tracking. Tamilnadushopping's system is updated daily to provide you with the best tracking service.

    If after 24 hours you still have problem with your tracking number, please reach out to us at www.Tamilnadushopping/contact. We will assist you right away.

    3 How do I track my order status?

    Why do I get an error message saying my email address is invalid while tracking my order with Tamilnadushopping Order Tracking tool? The email you type in to track your order might be different from the one you used when placing that order.

    To track your order status, please make sure you use the same email address for order placing and tracking purpose.

    4 Can I track my parcel on the logisitics partner's website?

    Yes, once your order is shipped we will share your parcel tracking number with you.

    You can use this tracking number to track your parcel on the respective logistics partners website.

    Please check the order tracker or the e-mail notification received for more details.

    Here is the list of popular logistics companies with the tracking page links:

    DTDC DHL UPS FirstFlight Send a request via www.Tamilnadushopping/contact.

    5 What do the different statuses shown on our courier websites mean?

    The "Shipped" status indicates that courier has picked up your package from the seller.

    When the status changes to "Delivering", it indicates that the courier is on its way to deliver your package to your address.

    Once the courier has successfully delivered the package to you, the status will be updated to "Delivered".

    If the courier is unable to reach you at your address, they will try to re-deliver at another time and the status will show "Re-delivering".

    6 What should I do if my item is not delivered using Postal Mail?

    Postal Mail takes anywhere from 5 to 7 working days to deliver to your address. We recommend you to wait up till 7 working days for the delivery of your parcel.

    You will receive an email from us on the 10th working day to confirm if you received your parcel. If you still haven't received your parcel by the 10th working day then we will process a refund for you.

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